Group Insurance

There are several options for the employer to choose from. The cost to the employer, or shared by the employee, are the options that we can share with the employer.

There are Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans, which cover all the services required by the AHC act.

There are value plans that cover MEC, and a range of outpatient services and generic RX coverage. Plus indemnity benefits for inpatient admissions, and surgeries. But no catastrophic coverage.

Medicare guideline contracts that will pay what Medicare would cover plus 125% to 150% in addition.

Reference Based Pricing. Reference based pricing pays providers based on a reference point instead of a contracted amount.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO plans) pays providers based on contracted amount. The provider can not charge more then the contracted amount to the patient. These plans usually have RX and catastrophic coverage.

As you can see the AHC act has changed the playing field. But there are still options out there. Call us for a quote. We will need an accurate censes that list the birthday, male or female, dependent coverage. (spouse, children ages, or family coverage) of all employees working 30 or more hours a week. Also the type of industry you are in, if more then one industry, employee by industry.

Additional coverage for Life, Dental, and Disability Income, are all available stand alone or part of the group health coverage carrier’s plan.