Life Insurance


To provide for someone that you care for, in case you are not around to do it yourself.

How much should I own?

That would depend on how much you make today? How long that income should continue. What kind of insurance, and how much do you already have in force? Do you want to include government benefit programs? [Personally they are there and why not use them? If they change, then we have to make changes in the future.] Current mentality wants the government to provide a minimum income for widows, widowers, and children.

What type?

That would depend on what for and how long will the need for the income to continue? How much is short term debt? How much is long term debt? How much can your budget afford? [Yes I think a budget is a necessary evil.]

Will needs and circumstances change? Count on it. You should review your planning at least every other year. And sooner if any of the assumptions made in the original plan, change. [Hopefully, not more often then weekly.]

With life insurance, we like to see the contracts that you already have, [not to replace but so we do not duplicate coverage], answer the questions above, and then research the different options from our insurance carriers to find a plan. We will give you at least two options to choose from. And then ask what you would like differently. Our goal is to find the product that fills your expectations if possible.